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Pocket Hunting Dimension

NovelPocket Hunting DimensionPocket Hunting Dimension
Chapter 904 fine drunk
‘Is she the reincarnation of Lady Good luck?’
The girls shook their heads.
Sensing the risk, the cow abolished the natural stone modification divine art on itself while directing another stone improvement divine skill to Lu Ze, helping to make his performance and potential slightly weakened.
The crystal disappeared from Nangong Jing’s hands and appeared in Lu Ze’s cognitive sizing. Experiencing her dejected and hopeful manifestation, Lu Ze smiled and rubbed her deal with. “Wait a moment.”
Lu Ze reported, “We’ll combat them with each other then. Our power isn’t much like yesterday.”
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Two days in the future, they gathered all over again.
Qiuyue Hesha urged, “Let’s go and discover.”
He had been a stage-9 top superstar point out built with soft safety gloves. Definitely, he was stronger than the other day.
However, Lu Ze appeared near the cow and punched.
Lu Ze panted. He almost died back there. He quickly used his curing G.o.d artwork and recovered. Using such, he smiled for the black colored furball.
Everybody was taken aback. ‘Is this another overlord lair?’
Qiuyue Hesha required, “What should we do now?”
‘Will it depart its territory behind?’
Lu Ze patted her head and highly regarded, “Alice is absolutely incredible.” Alice poked out her tongue. Swiftly sufficient, four other chi linked them. Several just a few seconds afterwards, the other one 4 young ladies achieved the area.
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Qiuyue Hesha and the women used their divine disciplines. Quickly, each overlords experienced their own bodies stiffen.
Lu Ze incurred above. Once he appeared, the hair on the ball photo up, as well as the cow suddenly changed all around.
Lu Ze’s jaws twitched. The monster was merely a levels-6 celebrity declare, however it was daring ample to obstacle him.
The crystal disappeared from Nangong Jing’s fingers and showed up in Lu Ze’s psychological dimension. Experiencing her dejected and optimistic phrase, Lu Ze smiled and rubbed her deal with. “Wait an instant.”
Lu Ze smiled. “Then, let’s find them with each other.”
Lu Ze bought, “Alright, let us carry on searching.”
The natural stone pillar picture to the clouds. It was subsequently a handful of million kilometers high. The base had a diameter of more than ten kilometers. There is a huge cave in it, obtaining a stature of three-thousand m extra tall.
Lu Ze, combined with girls, showed up from the forest. He checked approximately and felt thrilled. “Let’s go in order to find the remainder of the two overlord beasts.”
‘Who will have thought it will be such as this?’
Lu Ze: “…”
The audience sensed tighten as they quite simply seen. They planned to clear away the overlords one at a time, although the two came up jointly.
He lunged for those turtle, along with a giant spirit flame palm appeared, approaching into your normal water to get the turtle. After that, he held onto the turtle and treated it much like a ball.
All the different the 4th road map was counted in light-yrs, but, she may find two overlord lairs consecutively.
Lu Ze’s lips twitched. “That monster wouldn’t have fled, would it?”
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Lu Ze was in no hurry however. Currently, they probably wouldn’t pass on, unless they encountered some very-employer or triggered a 5th struggle.

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